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Hi! We're Sam and Veren, aka the Alternative Travelers.

What does traveling alternatively mean to us? In a nutshell, we travel slowly on a budget while following a sustainable, vegan lifestyle. We left New York in early 2016 after realizing that it'd be cheaper to travel than live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. After two years of living in Madrid, Spain, we are now back to full time traveling via house sitting.

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How to Recognize Potentially Bad Housesits

We started this blog in part to show that meaningful travel – and life – doesn’t have to be expensive. This isn’t exactly a new concept  – there are tons of budget backpackers out there. But it’s still about the destination, about going to the same places and just spending less money. We’re open to going anywhere an opportunity arises because travel is about new experiences and getting out of your comfort zone.

For more about our slow travel approach, read: What is Slow Travel and Why Do It?

We share our experiences as vegan travelers, hunting down vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants wherever we go. Food is a huge part of experiencing another culture and we want to show that you absolutely can still experience that while eating only plants!

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