Home Places Episode 20: Alternative Destinations: Salt Lake City, Utah

Episode 20: Alternative Destinations: Salt Lake City, Utah

written by Sam and Veren August 13, 2020
Episode 20: Alternative Destinations: Salt Lake City, Utah

This episode continues our alternative destinations series, where we profile lesser known places to consider for your next trip (when it’s safe to do so, of course). Today’s alternative travel destination is Salt Lake City, Utah! 

When most people visit Utah, they stay in southern Utah where all the national parks are, never coming up north to Salt Lake City. We think that’s a real shame, because SLC is such a cool place. In this episode, we’ll share Salt Lake’s interesting history, cool things to do, outdoor adventures to be had, what we love about the city, and more.

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You’ll Learn About:

  • Our connection to Salt Lake City
  • Similarities between sister cities Sarajevo and Salt Lake City (SLC)
  • A brief SLC history
  • Where Utah’s state name came from
  • Utah’s connection to Western New York
  • The presence and influence of the Great Salt Lake and the surrounding mountain ranges
  • Mormonism in SLC and Utah
  • Quirky Utahn alcohol laws
  • How SLC is surprisingly progressive
  • What we like (and dislike about SLC)
  • Things to visit in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area
  • What types of travelers will love Salt Lake City
  • Suggested itineraries and trips
  • And more!

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