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Review of The Barcelona Vegan Guidebook by The Vegan Word

written by Sam and Veren October 12, 2017
Review of The Barcelona Vegan Guidebook by The Vegan Word

Are you a plant-based foodie dreaming of Barcelona, Spain’s number one tourist destination? Worried that it’ll be all legs of jamón and seafood paella?

Look no further. Caitlin of The Vegan Word has got you covered.

If you’re not already planning a trip to Barcelona, this book will make you want to get on that – asap. We should know – that’s what happened to us! (Possibly brought on by the words vegan and croissant together in a sentence).

When Caitlin offered us an advance copy to read and the opportunity to give away a copy to our readers, we knew we couldn’t deny you all the chance to get your hands on the first ever Barcelona vegan guidebook. Seriously – take a look – there’s nothing else out there. [Giveaway has now closed, congrats to Elizabeth for winning!} 

Caitlin describes her Barcelona Vegan Guidebook as “Lonely Planet meets Happycow” and we heartily agree. This is the only guidebook any vegan (or vegetarian, plant-based, or the veg-curious) will need on a trip to Barcelona. In addition to where to eat the best vegan food (and what to order!), she includes all the must-knows that a regular guidebook does. That means useful tips like how to get from the Barcelona airport to the city center for under a euro (what?!).

We loved how she suggested not only where to eat (of course), but the special dishes to try at each place, based on dining there many times. This is the kind of information that one can’t get in online review sites such as Trip Advisor! The book is very well organized, with handy sections that you can easily turn to when you’re out and about and looking for a meal or other recommendations.

What You’ll Find in the Barcelona Vegan Guidebook:

  • •A packing list
    •Essential information on getting around in Barcelona
    •Plant-based traditional tapas and easy to veganize ones (such as by omitting a topping)
    •Breakfast and brunch picks
    •Info on key attractions and vegan options nearby
    •A full listing of all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona
    •Budget tips for eating out and self-catering
    •Vegan shopping options (grocery, clothing, etc)
    •Suggested day trips and dining options there
    •Translated phrases
    •Much more!

This is Caitlin’s second vegan guidebook. Her first, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide, takes the guesswork out of vegan forays into foreign cities. She helps vegan travelers answer the perpetual question: where can I eat? The Essential Vegan Travel Guide gives readers the best methods for finding vegan food (and friends) no matter where you’re traveling.

If you’d like a little preview of the Barcelona Vegan Guidebook, Caitlin has included an excerpt in her recent post on Vegan Tapas in Barcelona.

Caitlin accumulated vasts amounts of vegan research having lived there for over a year. She also started Barcelona’s very own vegan meetup, which is still going strong! And though she’s relocated back to London, she took a little piece of Barcelona with her – her adorable dog Benito, who we got to meet in Brighton. (Yes, he speaks Spanish).

Benito doggie

Sweeter than our ice cream sundaes

Click the icon to grab your copy of the Barcelona Vegan Guidebook!

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Thinking of going now that there’s a vegan guide? Tell us in the comments!

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