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The House Sitting Handbook Cover

The House Sitting Handbook is your comprehensive resource on how to start (and continue) house sitting like a pro. The journey to happy house sitting is a process that involves knowing and implementing the right strategy. We've been house sitting since 2015 and have put all our best tips and methods in The House Sitting Handbook. Learn about the benefits of house sitting (besides saving money), how to find your perfect house sits (and how to send in a winning application), how to navigate expectations, and so much more. You'll also get a workbook with message templates, checklists, and other helpful worksheets.

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The Madrid Vegan Guidebook is your ultimate guide to eating vegan in Spain’s capital. After living in Madrid for several years, we got tired of hearing that “it must be so hard” being vegan in Spain. Nothing could be further from the truth! Madrid is a vegan heaven. The problem isn’t that you won’t have anywhere to go, but which places you shouldn't miss! The Madrid Vegan Guidebook helps you decide which vegan (and veg-friendly) restaurants in Madrid are worth your attention, no matter your eating style. It's packed with neighborhood guides and maps, specialty dining, key dishes to try, and much more.

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