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Decolonizing the Colonial Mindset in Travel

written by Sam and Veren October 1, 2020
Decolonizing the Colonial Mindset in Travel

In this episode, we’re looking at how the colonial mindset appears in travel habits today. First, we’ll look at the history of colonialism, cultural imperialism and the origins of the colonial mindset. Then, we’ll discuss the various ways that this mindset can show up in travel habits today. Some of the things we discuss in the episode may be a bit affronting. Please remember that we’re not here to pass judgement, we’re just here to gently bring attention and awareness to the ways that we as travelers may be unconsciously perpetuating colonialism through our travel.

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We’ll Look At:

  • What colonialism and neocolonialism are
  • The history of colonialism
  • What cultural imperialism is
  • What is extractivism is and how it relates to this
  • The connection between colonialism and racism
  • How these mindsets, practices, and ideas play out in travel habits today
  • Why it’s important to understand impact over intent
  • Is country counting a form of neocolonialism?
  • Decolonizing your diet
  • Difference as inferiority – a colonial mindset in action
  • What white saviorism is
  • The problems with voluntourism
  • The problem with the term “developing countries”
  • What can travelers do?
  • and more!

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