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The Most Common Digital Nomad Myths – BUSTED!

written by Sam and Veren October 15, 2020
The Most Common Digital Nomad Myths – BUSTED!

The digital nomad lifestyle is FILLED with misconceptions. Learn the common digital nomad myths and if there’s any truth to them! We’ll go over how the popular image of digital nomads has grown, each of the myths, and what we’ve actually experienced along with other digital nomads.

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And now, onto the blog post!

We’ll Look At:

  • What are the popularly known digital nomad myths
  • Where do these myths come from
  • How media and social media stretch the truth of the lifestyle
  • Why they are called digital nomads
  • How digital nomads actually live
  • How this lifestyle is growing in popularity
  • How much money digital nomads actually make
  • Are digital Nomads constantly on the move
  • How we actually live as digital nomads
  • Where digital nomads like to congregate
  • Do digital nomads really live the dream?
  • Should you aspire to be a digital nomad?

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