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Episode 1: How We Became Digital Nomads

written by Sam and Veren April 8, 2020
Episode 1: How We Became Digital Nomads

In this episode, we’ll dig deep into our digital nomad origin stories. Often, people ask us to share how we became digital nomads, assuming that one day we woke up, quit our jobs, and left to travel the world. That’s not how it happened at all!

We also talk about some of the most formative travel experiences that we had as individuals, our experiences living in NYC (and why we left), and more!

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We’ll Talk About:

  • Our relationship with and experiences living in NYC
  • Why we each wanted to leave NYC
  • What we were each doing before we met
  • Our most formative travel experiences as individuals
  • Our unique travel styles and perspectives
  • How we started house sitting
  • The first house sit we ever did
  • How we started our blog (and how it grew over time)
  • Why we moved to Spain (and why we left)

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