Home Podcast Episode 19: Bad House Sits and How to Avoid Them

Episode 19: Bad House Sits and How to Avoid Them

written by Sam and Veren August 6, 2020
Episode 19: Bad House Sits and How to Avoid Them

The fear of the bad house sit is one that is on every prospective house sitters mind. They’re like the boogey monsters of house sitting.

But never fear: with the right strategies, you can avoid true horror story house sits. While we have certainly experienced a spectrum of house sitting experiences, we’ve never experienced a true horror story in all our years of house sitting.

In this episode, we share all the things that you should keep in mind as a house sitter to avoid potentially negative experiences. As we’ll reiterate throughout the episode, it’s all about the exchange!

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to determine an equal exchange s
  • Things to look out for in house sit listings
  • Why tone and attitude matters
  • Things to consider wither other people on the premises during a house sit
  • How to distinguish between true house sitting and what should be work exchange situations
  • How to not take on too much
  • Why communication and managing expectations is key
  • Some of our learning experiences
  • What we think is fair in house sitting
  • How to handle borrowing cars
  • If/when sitters should pay utilities
  • Why a lack of trust is a huge red flag
  • much more!

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