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Episode 5: Work From Home Tips and Strategies from Years of WFH

written by Sam and Veren April 30, 2020
Episode 5: Work From Home Tips and Strategies from Years of WFH

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast! In this episode, we’ll share all our tips and strategies on working from home.

At the time of episode release, we’re in the full swing of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those of us who are privileged enough to work from home have been doing so for weeks to months.

But most folks working from home right now have never done so before, besides perhaps a Friday here or there. It can be quite an adjustment to work from home if you’ve never done so before!

We’ve been working from home for years now and have developed a robust strategy that enabled us to start and grow our online business (this blog and podcast). Sam has been a freelancer since the fall of 2015. In mid-2018, we went full-time with our blog, meaning that we’ve both been working from “home,” wherever that happens to be.

Since we are constantly working from different locations, we’ve had to learn how adapt our systems and strategies in order to be able to put in a productive work day. We share it all with you in this episode!

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s normal to feel a lack of motivation right now
  • What we each struggled with most when adjusting to working from home during a pandemic
  • How to adjust your work habits even under less than ideal circumstances
  • The importance of communication and boundaries
  • How to sound can be invasive and how to set audio-boundaries
  • Tips for when two people are working from home
  • Our work from home set up and why it works (including Veren’s very particular work from home set up)
  • Why you should never work from the couch
  • How to get your brain into “work mode” even when you’re not going into an office
  • Why and how to create a work schedule
  • Why rest and scheduling leisure activities is so important
  • How learning how to deep work transformed our work habits and freed up more time
  • How to rethink your relationship with your phone and how to set boundaries virtually
  • How to make technology work for you, not the other way around
  • Creating a leisure routine including moving your body in some way!
  • The importance of self-care during a pandemic (and always)

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