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Episode 7: Vegan Travel 101

written by Sam and Veren May 7, 2020
Episode 7: Vegan Travel 101

In this episode, we’ll go over our top 10 vegan travel tips. These are the steps that we take whenever we’re going to a new destination!

We’ll also talk about common, limiting beliefs and attitudes towards vegan travel (and why we think these naysayers don’t know what they’re talking about).

Maybe you’re already vegan or plant-based at home, but you’re afraid of taking your first trip as a vegan. This is super common, so don’t feel bad. But know that vegan travel does not have to be hard or a drag, like non-vegans will tell you.

And for you long-time vegans, we’ll share more “next level” tips for your vegan travel game.

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You’ll Learn

  • What is “authentic” in tourism
  • Concerns most people have when considering whether they want to try traveling as a vegan (maybe you are plant-based at home but are afraid to bring your vegan values on your trip)
  • What we think is bullshit about attitudes toward vegan travel
  • How to transform limiting beliefs around vegan travel
  • Our top 10 vegan travel tips
  • Why Happy Cow is an invaluable resource
  • How we choose where to eat in a destination
  • What types of places we personally prefer
  • The importance of vegan blogs
  • How to evaluate the source of vegan travel information
  • Sam’s pet peeves about certain articles written about vegan restaurants
  • How to use social media to find vegan food and connect with local vegans
  • Pitfalls to avoid when using social media to find recommendations
  • Our opinion on Instagramable restaurants and Insta-influencers who get comped meals
  • Language learning tips and some Google Translate hacks
  • How to find out if a dish has animal products in it
  • Our favorite travel snacks to pack
  • Our opinion on grocery shopping in other countries
  • How to order vegan meals for your flight
  • Staying flexible in different destinations

Links + Resources Mentioned in the Episode

These transcripts have been automatically generated and then edited by us, so please excuse any typos, missed capitalization, weird phrasing, etc. Humans talk very differently than they write, as we’ve learned! There are just topics that just lend themselves better to conversations rather than blog posts, but we also want the podcast to be accessible to all.

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