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Can I Trust Free House Sitters as Pet Owner?

written by Sam and Veren November 12, 2020
Can I Trust Free House Sitters as Pet Owner?

While we usually talk about house sitting from the perspective of house sitters, in this episode we flip the script and talk to pet owners that might want to use house sitters when they go away. We talk about why using house sitters is a win-win-win for you (the pet owner), the house sitter, and most importantly, the pets themselves!

We address all of the common questions and concerns related to trust that we hear from pet owners, including the idea of having a “stranger” in your home. We also share actionable tips for feeling more safe and secure about engaging a house sitter.

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In This Episode:

  • Why using house sitters is fantastic for pet owners and their pets
  • The answer to the question: Can you trust house sitters?!
  • What is exchange-based house sitting?
  • Addressing the idea of having a stranger in your home
  • Paid pet sitting vs free house sitting
  • What is the leap of faith and why is it so important
  • How to find the most trust-worthy house sitters
  • Why house sitting is like online dating
  • The importance of interpersonal connection and communication
  • Why a video call should be a non-negotiable
  • Why you should always leave written guidelines
  • How to set clear responsibilities and expectations
  • Why house sitting isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay
  • and more

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