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Live Your Dream Life Through House Sitting 

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Are you new to house sitting? Struggling to get house sits?

You’ve heard of the amazing possibilities that house sitting can offer. But you’re starting to think that maybe it’s all a pipe dream. 

Your friends and family scoff and say that you should give up, that house sitting is a scam.

You’re overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

Don’t give up just yet!

There is a path to house sitting success - one that doesn’t involve stumbling in the dark and making mistakes that leave you questioning why you ever even tried.

Imagine House Sitting With Confidence and Ease 

Sam wearing chloe rooftop confidence ease

Want to travel more?

Need a major life change?

What if you could transform your life through travel without ever paying for accommodation? 

But more importantly...

...how do you learn to do it and do it like a pro?

The best, most experienced house sitters travel the world with house sitting, landing their dream house sits again and again.

So what's their secret?

There’s a reason why most beginners give up.

They never gave it a real try that counted towards house sitting success.

The sad thing about these naysayers is that they short-changed themselves from an incredible, potentially life-changing experience.

Don't let negative talk stop you from realizing your house sitting dreams!

There’s a Better Way to House Sitting Success

Veren kissing Cinnamon with Sam and Ivy nearby

Here’s the good news: anyone can be a successful house sitter with the right tools and strategies.

All you need is:

  • a strong understanding of what makes a great house sitting experience
  • step by step, tried and true strategies
  • experienced guides to show you the way (that's us!)

And you’ve just found the best house sitting resource, written by top-rated, experienced house sitting pros.

The House Sitting Handbook is the most exhaustive, detailed resource on how to be a great house sitter that gets their dream sits again and again.

In this book, you’ll discover exactly the steps to take to transform from lost, beginner house sitter to confident, in-demand house sitter.

The House Sitting Handbook Cover

What You’ll Get:

Man and dog

The Alternative Travelers’ House Sitting Handbook gives you rigorously tested techniques and strategies that actually work towards true house sitting success for as long as you want to house sit.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Use house sitting to achieve your dream life and travel goals
  • Which of the major house sitting platforms to join
  • Create a killer profile that impresses house sit owners
  • Write stand out application messages
  • Conduct interviews for house sits with confidence
  • Leap out of the first house sit slump
  • Avoid “bad house sits” - a top house sitter fear
  • Get the best house sits again and again
  • Rack up five-star reviews - one after another
  • and much more!

Join the Modern House Sitting Movement

Become part the growing community of pet lovers who enjoy all the rewarding benefits of house sitting.

House sitting truly opens a world of opportunities - literally and figuratively. House sitting changed our lives and countless other house sitters. We’re on a mission to help anyone who wants to transform their lives via house sitting and do it right.

Our best strategies, techniques, and tools (and best kept secrets) are just too much to cover in online articles. Our readers keep asking for more. 

That’s why we’ve written the most comprehensive and detailed book on house sitting with step by step instructions that will take any newbie or struggling house sitter to pro status faster than they could ever imagine.

There is just is no house sitting book out there that is both as exhaustive as ours and at the same time honest about what house sitting entails. Whether you want to house sit on occasion, part-time, or full-time (like us), the House Sitting Handbook will be all you need.


The House Sitting Handbook is For You If You…

how to start house sitting
  • Love animals and spending time with them
  • Are looking for a major life change
  • Want more travel in your life 
  • Are curious about house sitting but have no idea where to start
  • Have house sat for friends and family but want expand your travel horizons
  • Want to house sit on occasion, part-time, or full-time (like us)
  • Joined a house sitting website but just aren’t landing house sits 
  • Want to travel the world in a more unique, rewarding way 
  • Want a foolproof method to make your house sitting dreams come true

Learn from the Best: Meet The House Sitting Pros

We’re Sam and Veren, aka the Alternative Travelers. We are digital nomads and full-time house sitters.

Just a few short years ago, we were standing right in your shoes.

We took a chance and plunged in, quit the NYC hustle, and embarked on a lifestyle of which we'd only dreamed, one full of freedom and flexibility.

Thanks to house sitting, we haven't paid for accommodation (including rent or a mortgage) since 2016. We line up house sits one after another to travel indefinitely, and we love it! 

We're able to do this because we've continually refined our approach until we landed on the best house sitting strategies. One after another, we're invited to house sits that we never even applied for!

You’ve simply got to follow the right strategies in order to become a great sitter that gets the best sits. We can't wait to help you get there.

HSH Meet the pros

"Sam and Veren will ALWAYS remain the highest quality house sitters in my book. I've had many since and there's just no comparison!"

-Keith, pet and homeowner

Bonus Content!

As a thank you for purchasing the House Sitting Handbook, you'll get an exclusive discount to the biggest (and best) house sitting website out there, as well as FOUR additional advanced level chapters:


BONUS CHAPTER #1 is all about avoiding the dreaded "bad" house sit. You'll learn everything from the red flags of bad house sits to why you should never accept a house sit that gets your spidey senses tingling.

BONUS CHAPTER #2 covers racking up great reviews as a newbie. You'll learn what we did as newbies to get those first initial reviews, and how we continue to get fantastic five-star reviews on each and every house sit.

BONUS CHAPTER #3 is for you jet-setting house sitters. In this chapter, we cover key obstacles that you should keep in mind if you plan on house sitting abroad.

BONUS CHAPTER #4 guides you on packing for your very first house sit. Contrary to popular belief, packing for a house sit is different from packing for a vacation.


Look What Others Have to Say About the House Sitting Handbook

"I really loved this book! It is an extremely valuable resource for someone who is looking to get serious about house sitting. It is super in-depth and gives tactical advice - a departure from a lot of self-help-ish books. This book gives the reader real value, not just talking in wispy promises."

-Maddie, prospective house sitter

"This is a great book for people who want to learn more about house sitting, how to get started as a house sitter, or are already house sitting! This book would ALSO be highly useful for homeowners to help set expectations and broaden perspectives about the exchange-based house sitting model. "

-Dominique, pet and homeowner

"As online marketers we have been traveling all over the world. We are halfway through the book and simply love what you do. Your book is amazing!"

-Alfredo & Antonella, future pro house sitters

"I just finished this handbook. A lot of great info that I would have never have thought about!!! If you have any thoughts of house/pet sitting I would highly recommend checking the handbook out!!"

-Kelly, the dream house sitter

Sounds too good to be true?

How about a free preview?

This book pays for itself and then some.



Here's how:

First, you'll get a discount code to the best house sitting website that is worth the value of the book.

Second, all you need is one night of house sitting to get more savings - and you’ll be getting plenty more after that!

You have nothing to lose - except all those amazing dream house sits 😉

There’s only one truly comprehensive resource that puts years of top notch house sitting experience into your hands.

Make the most of what house sitting has to offer you.

The House Sitting Handbook ebook_cover-(webres)

Live Your Dream Life Through House Sitting 

Only 39.99!