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Welcome to the house sitting corner of our website! On this page we've compiled all of our resources on house sitting: our book, popular articles for pet sitters and pet owners, and our podcast, The House Sitting Travel Podcast.

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The House Sitting Travel Podcast

House Sitting Travel is the first podcast on the topic of house sitting to travel the world. In this method of house sitting, house sitters provide pet and home care in exchange for accommodation. Neither house sitter nor pet owner pays for this exchange - it's a win-win for both sides! This is the first ever podcast dedicated to house sitting to travel, featuring inspiring interviews with globe-trotting house sitters as well as tips, advice, and stories to help you live your dream life through house sitting.

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Most Popular Posts for Both Pet Sitters and Owners:

Resources For House and Pet Sitters

Below are our most popular blog posts for house sitters. For even more articles, check out our house sitting for house sitters category.

Resources for Pet and Home Owners

These are our most popular articles geared towards pet owners looking to use house sitters, in the exchange-based model. For even more articles, check out our house sitting for pet owners category.

The House Sitting Handbook

The House Sitting Handbook is your comprehensive resource on how to start (and continue) house sitting like a pro. The journey to happy house sitting is a process that involves knowing and implementing the right strategy. We've been house sitting since 2015 and have put all our best tips and methods in The House Sitting Handbook. Learn about the benefits of house sitting (besides saving money), how to find your perfect house sits (and how to send in a winning application), how to navigate expectations, and so much more. You'll also get a workbook with message templates, checklists, and other helpful worksheets.

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