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Living in Alignment with Your Values

written by Sam and Veren August 20, 2020
Living in Alignment with Your Values

We think about ethics a lot. As vegan, sustainable and responsible travelers, we strongly feel that it’s important to take personal responsibility and start living in alignment with one’s values. But how does one figure out what those values are, and how exactly does one live in alignment with one’s moral and ethical code?

We ponder these topics in this episode, along with suggestions and tips for figuring out what your values actually are and (if you already know), how to live in better alignment with what matters most to you.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to figure out what you value in the first place
  • Why this pandemic could be the perfect time to live more in alignment with your values
  • Why setting aside time for personal reflection is so important
  • Key times in each of our lives when we developed core values and the commonality for both of us
  • How to start living in alignment with your values
  • The importance of daily habits and choices
  • much more!

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