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Social Media,Community Building, and An Announcement!

written by Sam and Veren October 22, 2020
Social Media,Community Building, and An Announcement!

In this episode, we talk about the role of social media in our lives, both negatively and positively. Online community is more important than ever, and we’ve been thinking for a long time how we can better gather our growing community of fellow alternative travelers in one place.   We think we’ve found a great solution, which we’re super excited about! We’ll share more on that in our big announcement!

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And now, onto the Trusted house sitters review!

In This Episode, We’ll Discuss:

  • The buzz around The Social Dilemma (Netflix Documentary)
  • Social media and creating community online
  • The importance of community in general and right now
  • The value of online community
  • The social media experience as a creator
  • The limitations with social media for nuanced discussion
  • How we’re going to be creating community online in a different way
  • Why we’re really excited about this shift
  • How we want to work together on our mission for the future of travel
  • and more!

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