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Plant-Based Holiday Feasting Foods

written by Sam and Veren November 26, 2020
Plant-Based Holiday Feasting Foods

This episode is all about holiday foods – the plant-based, animal-friendly way! We talk about our favorite dishes, what’s on our table, suggestions for if you want to eat all whole foods plant based or go for some mock meats, what to do when people bring up your veganism at the table, and more.

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In This Episode:

  • The inspiration for this episode
  • Our opinions on vegan versions (i.e. mock meats) of non-vegan foods
  • The importance of examining your relationship with food
  • Creating a positive relationship with food
  • “Guilt free” indulgent eating during the holidays
  • Three approaches to the holidays: cooking from scratch, getting ready made store-made items, or getting catered meals from local restaurants
  • Vegan alternatives for the centerpiece of the meal: the roast or turkey
  • All the sides we love!
  • Veren’s gravy “recipe”
  • Classic desserts!
  • How to approach difficult conversations about veganism around the table
  • and more!

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On Vegan Meats:

Often we hear the refrain, “oh why do vegans want to have vegan versions of non-vegan foods? If you went vegan, why do you want to eat a meat substitute?” And I would answer: I wasn’t born vegan. 

I know very few people who have been vegetarian for their whole life. We spend a good chunk of our lives eating these foods and we miss them despite not missing certain aspects of them. Certain vegans might not like the meat replacements because they’re too realistic, whereas another vegan might prefer to have that kind of meaty taste without it being an actual animal.


We just want to experience the foods that we ate growing up as children, but we don’t want to contribute to all the different problems that come with animal agriculture. 


On Guilt Free Holiday Eating:

This is a special time of year a celebrate, whether you decide to get together with family and friends,or if you’re eating at home just with your household. It’s even more a time to be gentle and generous with yourself. Don’t feel bad about indulging in an extra helping of mashed potatoes or slice of pie. Just let yourself enjoy the meal.


On Difficult Table Conversations:

If you are attending a holiday gathering as a vegan and not everyone there is vegan, then it might feel difficult or isolating. It can be easy to want to go into a discussion about veganism. But people aren’t going to be receptive when they have their turkey on their plate. So we find this most helpful to have those kinds of conversations separate from meal times when people are more receptive.


Just understand that you got to come in wearing a bit of armor. It’s unfortunate and it’s something that I don’t look forward to during the holidays, even from the nicest, sweetest of people. You kind of just have to eat all the crappy comments that people make that are offhanded about vegan food or being vegan. It’s a double standard because if I were to say well, “how about this about what you’re eating,” and what’s actually in your food and how that’s not food, then you look like the jerk.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d try to just avoid those conversations and topics because they’re very charged people sound like they’re being open about it, but a lot of times they’re not. The best advice I can give to you is just table it for later. Say, “if you want to talk about these things, let’s talk about it when we’re not eating, I just want to enjoy my food.” 

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