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10 Stunning Vegan Hotels in Spain for the Perfect Getaway

written by Samantha Anthony September 18, 2019
10 Stunning Vegan Hotels in Spain for the Perfect Getaway

Vegan hotels in Spain, what?! 

The concept of a vegan hotel might be confusing to non-vegans, who take for granted that they can eat everything from the continental breakfast and don’t mind if there is a sheepskin rug in their room. 

For the increasing number of vegans and therefore vegan travelers worldwide, veg-friendly accommodations are on the rise. 

While we mostly travel via house sitting, we often get questions from the growing vegan community looking for places to stay, especially for vegan hotels in Spain. We discovered that there are way more vegan hotels in Spain than we anticipated, and all of the places listed here truly blew us away! It’s incredible to see the vegan world growing so much.

In fact, there are so many veg-friendly hotels in Spain that here we’re only including accommodations that serve only plant-based food. A place that will accommodate with soy milk for breakfast if you ask in advance doesn’t quite make the cut when there are so many fantastic vegan hotels in Spain!

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We’ll give you a hint: not one but TWO Spanish cities are in the top 10!

Vegan Hotels in Spain 

To the above point: vegans traveling in Spain do not need to worry!

We lived in Madrid for several years enjoying the incredible, varied, and constantly growing vegan food scene. During that time, we traveled around the country and were pleasantly surprised with the vegan scenes in each Spanish city we visited. We even wrote a guideboook on everything eating vegan in Madrid as we were tired of people telling us that it “must be so hard” to be vegan in Spain’s capital!

The same goes for vegan hotels in Spain, which we’ve organized here by geographical region.

We cover everything from luxury vegan hotels in Spain, mountain eco retreats, cozy bed and breakfasts, and even some places that offer spots to park a camper van. Luckily, there are vegan hotels in Spain for every budget and travel preference!

We did not include places that are retreats only (as in, only available at set times of the year). Some of the places that we list below ALSO offer retreats, but we wanted to keep this post focused on places you can book for your vegan vacation at any time of year. 

There are likely even more vegan accommodations in Spain that were not on our radar, so please give us suggestions in the comments so we can keep this list updated for future vegan travelers! 

Vegan Hotels in Spain: Andalusia 

Andalusia is the region you may be picturing when thinking of a vegan holiday in Spain. Flamenco, sun year round, mild weather, white washed houses, and beaches. The main cities are Seville, Málaga, Córdoba, and Granada.

Mesón Mudéjar Vegan

Meson Mudéjar is a beautiful boutique vegan hotel in Andalusia. Housed in a lovingly restored 18th century building, the small hotel features five historic rooms, each with their own unique design in the Mudéjar style. 

For the unfamiliar, Mudéjar art and architecture is a uniquely Spanish blend of Christian and Islamic design and architectural styles, first developed in the 11th century post-Islamic Christian Iberia. This unique style is definitely something not to miss out when visiting Spain!

Exterior of Meson Mudéjar, a vegan hotel in Spain's Andalusia region
© Meson Mudéjar

Meson Mudéjar is a great place to stay when exploring the Andalusian province of Málaga.

In the area, you can discover the classic whitewashed Spanish villages or walk along the beach (the ocean is just 16 km away). Sierra Almijara and Tejeda National Park are also close by for some hiking or cycling. Take a walk along the nearby river and see the history of the area for yourself with the riverside remains of three flour mills.

Don’t worry for one second about cooking on vacation here! Enjoy gourmet vegan meals in their restaurant, with dishes that range from lighter fare such as raw sushi rolls and gazpacho to more indulgent dishes like cauliflower wings and seitan chicken strips. They even have the ever popular Beyond Burger if you’ve been looking for a place to try it!

Check prices and availability: Booking // Meson Mudéjar website 

Note that they have special discounts on their website, especially when booking longer stays.

Finca Vegana 

The beautiful Finca Vegana is unique on this list due to the variety of accommodation options offered! The three hectare Finca Vegana complex has four cottages and five guest rooms, all at very affordable prices.

The cottages are independent houses, each with their own kitchen, living room, fireplace, bathroom, and terrace. In the guest house, guests all have their own private bathrooms and use of the communal kitchen, dining room, and a lounge.

No matter which accommodation option you choose, everyone has access to all common areas and the outdoor swimming pool!

The location is perfect for those who want to explore the outdoors, as it’s nestled next door to the Sierra de Grazalema natural park, the Garganta Verde gorge, and Zahara de la Sierra, a traditional Andalusian white village.

Finca Vegana also hosts weekend yoga and hiking retreats frequently, so check in with them if that’s of interest. Pets are welcome (additional one time fee) and they even offer doggie day care in case you want to visit somewhere that doesn’t allow pets! 

Don’t forget to add a delicious vegan breakfast and/or dinner to your stay!

Check availability and pricing: Finca Vegana

If you’re traveling with a motor home, you can rent a pitch on Airbnb here. [Click here to get $40 off your first Airbnb stay]

El Molino del Abuelo

Literally, “the Windmill of the Grandfather,” this vegan bed and breakfast in Andalucia is a family run business, run by two brothers. This sustainability focused vegan bed and breakfast in Spain is named for their grandfather and great-grandfather, who settled in the area in the early 20th century. 

Today’s brothers left city life behind to get closer to their passions: art, organic agriculture, healthy food, recycling, bio-construction, yoga, and more. Needless to say, you’ll be in harmony with nature and the environment during your time at El Molino del Abuelo! 

Join in on their yoga sessions Tuesday through Thursday as well as Sunday. And don’t miss out on their local, seasonal, and organic breakfast for a very affordable 7 euros!

Check availability and pricing: El Molino del Abuelo website // Booking // Airbnb  

Vegan Hotels in Spain: Catalonia 

Catalonia is well known as being home to Barcelona, Spain’s most visited city. But there’s so much more to this region than Barcelona – mountains, rugged beaches, and beautiful towns! Learn more about this fascinating region in 25 Books About Spain to Read Before Your Trip.

Casa Albets 

Casa Albets is a 4 star luxury vegan hotel in Spain, located in the mountains of Catalonia. The 11th century family home became the family-run hotel/restaurant in 2017, following a lengthy restoration process. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time staying in the absolutely beautiful stone rooms with tranquil views of the surrounding countryside and mountains.

The hotel is entirely vegan and sustainability focused, with all natural furniture, furnishings, bed sheets, and more, all free of animal products, of course. The wooden furniture is even handmade from trees found right on the property! The hotel uses renewable energy, water saving and reusing techniques, plans to install solar panels soon, and much more. 

But vegan, organic, and sustainable does not mean missing out on luxury! Choose from a variety of rooms to suit your needs, including a room with a private terrace and others with jacuzzi bathtubs. Relax and unwind with massages, yoga classes, bike rentals, and more.

As for the food, the gourmet vegan restaurant on site serves creations using locally grown produce. Even if you don’t stay at Casa Albets, you can enjoy a delicious meal here (make a reservation though).

Check prices and availability: Booking // Casa Albets website

Harmony Mountain Retreat 

Despite the name, Harmony Mountain Retreat offers much more than retreats! You can book a stay in one of the self-catering apartments, or in the bed and breakfast. The property is rustic and off-grid, powered completely with 100% renewable energy.

Located in the mountains of Catalonia, you can spend your days walking around 34 acres of nature trails, going for a plunge in the pool, relaxing on the terrace, taking guided yoga classes, getting a holistic massage, or of course, indulging in delicious vegan food.

You can also work out an all inclusive package with them or attend one of their all inclusive vegan yoga retreats a few times a year. 

Check prices and availability: Harmony Mountain Retreat website 

Vegan Hotels in Galicia

Most of the vegan hotels in Spain that we’ve mentioned are located in Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, or Catalonia. If you’re looking for something different in the tranquil cooler green north of rural Galicia, this place is for you! You may know Galicia as the end point for the Camino de Santiago, which finishes in the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela.

Read more: Camino Packing Tips 

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Galicia and can attest that this region of Spain is truly magical. If you love forests, moss, misty mornings, and cozy fireplaces, then you’ll love Galicia just as we did. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself! 

Caserio da Castiñeira 

Caserio da Castiñeira is situated in an enchanting traditional Galician stone house that was restored in 2008. Stepping inside is like stepping into another world – and you are!

Look no further for the perfect rustic and meditative place to retreat from the world for a while.

The owners converted the building into four apartments and a double room, along with common spaces like a library and games room. The included breakfasts are all vegan and organic, and they’re more than happy to adjust to any dietary needs (gluten-free, raw, etc). 

Carmen, one of the owners, practices naturopathy and even has a vegan cooking school in the city of Ourense. She offers a variety of wellness and cooking workshops at the guesthouse and at the school. Manuel, the second half of the Castineira partnership, organizes vegan hiking groups and has even organized the only vegan trail running race in Spain! 

The photos truly speak for themselves, so I will end there and let them do the talking!

Check availability and pricing: Caserio da Castiñeira website // Booking 

Vegan Hotels in Majorca 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a vacation full of sunshine and beautiful beaches with clear Mediterranean water, then you’ll love Balearic Islands. This group of islands in the Mediterranean is close to my heart. They were my first introduction to Spain when I worked at an archaeological dig on the island of Minorca during college. 

The largest island is Majorca (Mallorca in Spanish), whose capital and biggest city is Palma. The island is known for its beach resorts as well as natural landscapes, caves, sheltered coves, and limestone mountains. If you plan to visit Barcelona, you can take the ferry to Majorca, to make your trip more sustainable instead of flying. Read more: Sustainable Travel Tips in Europe.

Villa Vegana 

Villa Vegana has been welcoming travelers to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca since 2013. It was one of the first vegan hotels in Spain and in fact all of Europe! 

The building itself dates to the 15th century and is super cozy with stone walls and wooden beams in the ceilings. Being a vegan hotel, they of course don’t use any animal products in the furnishings. They also prioritize sustainability in many ways.

When staying at Villa Vegana, you can spend your time exploring the beautiful island of Mallorca, or just relaxing by the luxurious pool or in their garden. 

A 100% vegan breakfast buffet is included in the room rate, and oh what a buffet it is! Expect freshly baked bread, homemade jams & spreads,  müsli & nuts, fresh fruit salad, yogurt, cheeses, sausages and changing specials of the day, such as Spanish specialties like tortilla and coca. Sometimes they even have homemade croissants! You can also book dinner as well, which is a four course, internationally inspired affair. 

Animals lovers will be excited to meet their menagerie of 2 dogs, 2 cats, a mini pig, and a duck! Trudi is the adorable mini pig who is featured in the cover photo for this article – here she is again because she is just too cute!

Check prices and availability: Villa Vegana website


This brand new luxury and sustainable vegan hotel in Mallorca just opened in March 2019! After two years running a successful vegan bed and breakfast, the owners, a Spanish-Dutch couple, expanded to open a full hotel which offers retreats as well. 

They offer a variety of rooms (one even has a private terrace!) in a restored historic home from the early 20th century. 

Alternatively, you can stay in your own private house, in fact in the original bed and breakfast building, located just a short walk away from the main hotel. This is a perfect option for small groups or families.  

During your stay, enjoy a delicious, healthy vegan breakfast with produce from the Ecocirer garden or local farmers, fresh homemade bread, and locally produced olive oil. Just take a look at some of their recipes to get an idea of the different nourishing and creative breakfasts that you can expect at Ecocirer. 

They strive to make all meals waste free and create a sustainable space with repurposed materials – each object has a story!

Check prices and availability: Booking // Ecocirer website 

Vegan Hotels in Valencia 

The region of Valencia too often gets overshadowed by its more populated neighbor, Catalonia. But you likely already know a few things from this coastal region of Spain, namely paella and horchata! Contrary to popular belief, paella isn’t from all of Spain, but a specific region. If you truly want to experience paella (especially a vegan one), you’ve got to get on over to Valencia. 

Read more: Vegan Guide to Valencia 

Luckily, there are some great vegan hotels in Valencia in which to stay!

Casa Tarsan 

Casa Tarsan is an eco-friendly vegan hotel in the mountains of Valencia with views that will take your breath away.

Enjoy the mountain view from their massive terrace (or a private one in one of the rooms), pool, or outdoor jacuzzi. The rooms were creatively designed by the previous owner, an artist, and you can book either a suite or a separate studio built into a cave, complete with a kitchen. 

Every aspect of the hotel is done in the most sustainable way, starting with only using renewable energy in powering the hotel. Additionally, you’ll find biodegradable toiletries, a saltwater pool, and other sustainable practices like composting and grey water reuse. 

The owners, a Dutch couple, aim to make Casa Tarsan a holistic experience, with daily yin yoga (donation based), reiki sessions, conscious morning raves with ginger shots, gong ceremonies under the stars, and more.  

They offer a fully plant based breakfast and dinner centered on healthy foods. Their mission is to show the world how amazing vegan food can be! They are working on a cookbook, so even if you can’t visit Casa Tarsan (yet), you can make some of their delicious vegan food at home.  

Off premises, you can enjoy the surrounding area, which is amazing for hiking or just enjoying being in nature. You can rent bikes from Casa Tarsan or explore with your rented car. 

Yoga and writing retreats take place at Casa Tarsan throughout the year so check out their calendar if you’re interested. 

Check prices and availability: Casa Tarsan website // Hotels.com // Booking

Vegan Life Energy

Located just steps away from the beach in Denia on the Valencian Costa Blanca, Vegan Life Energy is a cozy guest house where you’ll feel right at home. 

Breakfast is included in the room rate, with yummy options like pancakes, tofu scramble, avocado toast, oatmeal, and weekly specials like paella or a full English breakfast. You can also reserve to eat dinner at the guest house from Monday-Friday. They can cater to virtually any diet without a problem.

If you prefer to cook your own meals, you can do so as well. The guest house offers two double bedrooms or three self contained apartments. 

While staying at Vegan life Energy, nourish your spirit by learning mindfulness and meditation practices, attending a yoga class, getting a massage, or receiving counselling from Tanya, one of the co-owners. 

Animal friends are welcome to join and make friends with the furry residents – two doggies, a hen, and a rabbit!

Check prices and availability: Vegan Life Energy

That’s it for vegan hotels in Spain – at least for now! We’re sure that this list will continue to grow as more and more people are realizing the impact and benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. And if you’re reading this article and you’re not vegan or vegetarian, staying at one of these lovely places will be a great way to learn more about how fantastic vegan eating and living can be!

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