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Madrid Vegan Guidebook

Helping You Eat Plant-based in Spain’s capital

Are you worried about staying vegan in Spain’s capital?

Concerned you’ll only have bread and olives to eat

while sitting next to hanging ham legs?

Heard others scoff at the prospect of being vegan in Spain

while they insincerely wish you:


Sounds pretty frustrating, right?

Most often when we hear the word Spain, it’s followed by 
jamón (Spanish cured ham) and/or bullfighting.

Spain’s culture doesn’t sound vegan-friendly… 

One must conclude that the only “authentic” Spanish experience is…

…to abandon all hopes of being vegan in Spain altogether.

But wait…

What about the Spanish Vegans?

Ask a Spanish vegan and they’ll tell you.

“That’s not my culture.”

There are hundreds of thousands of Spaniards who identify as vegan and continue to be vegan despite all the hanging ham legs.

Do you think Spaniards who identify as vegan

lament on missing out on the “authentic” Spanish experience?

Not with Madrid’s incredible vegan scene!

Going super strong with over 30 plus all-vegan establishments to visit, vegan Madrid shows no signs of stopping! This means many places all over the city where everyone has a clear understanding of veganism – no debates about dairy, honey or silk.

Spaniards live in a brazen animal consumption culture,
so naturally, their reaction is very vegan
(though plant-based folk will not feel alienated here).

This has fueled a nascent vegan scene exploding from birth.

Throughout Madrid, in just only a few years, you can find a plethora of places to visit, and things to do, all while not partaking in any practices that harm others, nonhuman animals included, and this one planet we all share.

With so many 100% vegan places, you would guess correctly that there’s even more vegan food on offer in nonvegan places.

The sheer number of places will more than double
 including vegetarian and places with vegan options.

Anyone who says you can’t be vegan in Madrid…

…has clearly never tried!

So you may be thinking – where’s a Spain newbie to start?

If only you knew a vegan Spain veteran or two to lend you a hand…

This is where we

come in!

You already know a couple of vegans…

who lived and immersed themselves in Spanish culture…

Not just eating mostly vegan…

…not just 99% vegan while occasionally giving up and just choking down the jamón.

We actually lived and worked in Madrid

while meeting incredible people and making friends

while exploring the vegan scene,

trying all the amazing food,

and attending all sorts of events centered on not harming anyone in the process.

We can personally confirm from experience:

Vegans can have an “authentic” Spanish experience

as genuine as the next traveler’s.

  I’ve known Sam and Veren online since 2016. I then finally met them irl in 2018, I travelled with Sam through Belgrade and stayed with them both in their home in Madrid. I’d trust them with literally anything, they are kind, thoughtful, honest people who give sound advice and look cool doing it. Their blog is not really like other blogs in that it’s high-quality, trustworthy and conscious of the world around it. If there’s one thing these guys are about, it’s quality.

Laura Cody, blogger at TravellingWeasels.com and VeganVsTravel.com

So just how exactly will we help you out?

We’ve scoured the vegan land and left no stone unturned.

We wrote down all our experiences, good, the bad, and the ugly.

We looked at the massive heap of first-hand information and thought:

How can we help


navigate the vastness that is the vegan Madrid scene?


Not only have we created the most exhaustive, detailed, resource  

on the vegan scene in Madrid, we’ve also organized it in an easy to read manner,

categorized into all the most important areas of interest so that

you will find exactly what you need when you need it wherever you are.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase this guidebook:

As a bonus, we include a chapter on great alternative sights to see instead of the usual touristy ones –

including vegan tourism – that you won’t find in any other Madrid guidebook.


We have another special bonus for you…

Get your own when you join our Vegan Madrid Community.

Still not convinced?

Look what others have to say about the Madrid Vegan Guidebook:

We cannot say enough amazing things about this book! Thank you, thank, thank you for such a perfect resource. It has made our trip to Madrid our best yet! From knowing exactly where and when to find the best vegan food to help with public transportation and even helpful Spanish words and phrases to make us feel more confident when ordering / reading the menus. We love everything about it. We have also heard a ton of people tell us it must be so difficult traveling in Spain as vegans and we’re like ‘Whaaaat!?!?’. We have basically been eating our way through Madrid and loving every minute!

The Plant Power Couple, Vegan bloggers at plantpowercouple.com

Alternative Travelers: they are THE vegan Madrid experts! While they have a ton of info on their site nothing can beat a guidebook in your hands and I found it especially handy having it on Kindle, which meant I could search on my Kindle while I was on the go in Madrid. I really liked how they’ve arranged it into different areas, so I could search on Kindle based on what neighbourhood I was in at the time! This guidebook was really invaluable in planning my trip to Madrid (I wanted to make sure I ate in all the best vegan places). If you’re vegan and you’re going to Madrid then you definitely need a copy of this guidebook in your bag!

Caitlin Galer-Unti, author of The Essential Vegan Travel Guide, The Barcelona Vegan Guide, and blogger at theveganword.com

I cannot recommend this book enough! There are a surprisingly few number of Vegan Guides for Madrid despite the plethora of vegan cafes and stores in the city. This guide puts them all together. Its really convenient for yourself or for when you may have vegan guests visiting. A must have!

Julie R, fellow vegan badass currently living in Madrid

I’ve lived in Madrid for over five years, and in that time I’ve discovered some great vegan and vegetarian options. Thanks to the new Madrid Vegan Guidebook, I’ve discovered even more! One of my favorite chapters is “Dog Friendly Restaurants”, since that way my maltese Lola can join me for dinner! Another very useful chapter is “Where to Eat When Everything Else is Closed”, since I’m a free-spirited American at heart, and can’t always remember to follow Spanish social customs! Highly recommended and very useful for all of us vegetarians and vegans.

Felix Estrada, artist, dog owner, local celebrity, and five-year resident of Madrid

Oh! How I wish I had this book when I was in Spain. The Madrid Vegan Guidebook covers routine food obstacles for visitors like: where to eat between lunch and dinner when many restaurants are closed and where to get a substantial breakfast. It goes on to provide comprehensive information on where to find healthy, vegan, vegetarian, raw and organic food. The section on vegan versions of traditional Spanish cuisine is particularly helpful so visitors can experience the authentic flavors of the culture. Also useful are the sections with Spanish language phrases to use when ordering, transportation tips and the world of Spanish grocery stores. Overall, the information and insights feel trustworthy because it is clear that the authors, themselves vegan, are writing from direct personal experience.
Next time I am in Spain, and there will be a next time, I will spend more time in Madrid, and will be sure to take this guidebook with me.

Alyssa Bonilla , vegan curious traveler extraordinaire

You have nothing to lose – except missing out on all the amazing, authentic Spanish culinary delights and experiences – all made vegan.

We personally guarantee you will have an
unforgettable time in Madrid 
without once stressing
about how not to accidentally ingest jamón.

You’ll be emailing us to complain about how
several months isn’t enough time
to try all
the amazing authentic Spanish food
made vegan.

Don’t Waste Another Minute!

There’s only one way to
put years of vegan Madrid experience
in your hands

Make the most
of what vegan Madrid has to offer.

Madrid Vegan Guidebook

Helping You Eat Plant-based in Spain’s capital

*Available in epub, mobi, and pdf formats*

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